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4519 Lakeworth Road
Green Acres, Florida 33463
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We are located in Mil-Lake Plaza, NW Corner of Military Trail and Lake Worth Rd Behind CVS, Next to Big Lots.

Phone: (561) 432-8300
            (561) 432-8400
            (561) 588-6729
Fax:     (561) 432-8600
            (561) 588-1824


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Welcome to
La Vida Medical Center

La Vida Medical Center is composed of physicians, nurses and healthcare staff who work with a determination to provide the highest quality of healthcare services in Florida.

Our programs are designed to cover the major facets of health management. We offer health evaluations, medical examinations, diagnosis, and preventive health options for individual clients and families. Being in the industry of healthcare reminds us that no one is alone.

No one is alone in facing the many challenges associated with disease, disability and the natural progresses of old age. You have the support of La Vida Medical Center as you go through and cope with health issues.

La Vida Medical Center is:

  • Licensed in the state of Florida
  • Staffed with certified, licensed, bonded and insured professionals
  • Able to attend to healthcare needs of a wide range of clients – from infants, adults to seniors
  • Medicaid Certified

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Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday - Sunday
Appointment only