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4519 Lakeworth Road
Green Acres, Florida 33463
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We are located in Mil-Lake Plaza, NW Corner of Military Trail and Lake Worth Rd Behind CVS, Next to Big Lots.

Phone: (561) 432-8300
            (561) 432-8400
            (561) 588-6729
Fax:     (561) 432-8600
            (561) 588-1824


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About Us

ImageCaring for your family and caring for you! Trust La Vida Medical Center with your healthcare needs.

We provide ongoing healthcare services to individual patients and families by identifying, evaluating and providing solutions for various health care requirements. La Vida Medical Center operates a medical clinic and a laboratory facility with compassionate staff. Amenities and equipment are state of the art to give clients convenient and efficient treatment.

Strategically located in Green Acres, Florida, we ensure that quality services are made accessible to clients without discrimination for race, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnic background or national origin. We attend to a multicultural clientele. We speak English, Creole, French and Spanish.

Steady clinical practice and compassionate staff – find this at La Vida Medical Center. We are at your service! Schedule your next visit by calling us at (561) 432-8300 or by submitting a request online.